Футбол / wc2018

Preview : France vs Croatia. 15.07.2018
Semi-finals are left behind and the world is waiting for the final. Now, it`s time to observe how both teams reached the final. Croatia left no one alive in their group. Argentina, Nigeria, Iceland were defeated by the mighty Balkan fighters. I really had a thought that teams underestimated this perfect by the build-up team. Football karma was on Croatia side. There was no luck, only perfectly organized game and physical preparation. In the 1/8 final they met the team which played the same football during the WC. Denmark players have got perfect physical preparation, powerful flanges but Subasic was on a top level and during penalty shootout he was more successful than Casper. In quarter-finals they met desperate Russians that fought until the end but the luck was on Croatian side. In general they performed better than Cherchesov team but they deserved the right to play in semi- final against England. This was probably the most difficult match for Balkan players France was initially defined as a potential WC winner. Before the beginning of sage the head coach of French had an uneasy situation according to players who will go to Russia. On the group stage France really disappointed because of pragmatic football. In the 1/8 final they met Argentina that was almost knocked out from the group the stage . In this game we have finally seen what Didier Deschamps prepared for this tournament. Quarter-final against Uruguay is not memorable match and we could observe pragmatic football. Even Muslera`s mistake is not the main event of that match but the fact that France can play against every kind of team. I didn`t mention semi-finals because they are still on our minds. You can read about the English tragedy in the previous article My prediction for this match : this going to be very uneasy match for both sides but I hope that Croatia can make sensation and defeat France. They have all chances as to lose and win. By the way, this WC and teams are being prepared to every match different then in clubs during the Premier-Leagues.

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